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Community based health educational and informational business that focuses on healthier lifestyle and a healthier attitude


Robin Willis - President
Certified Health Coaching
The focus of health coaching is to assist others through a proven plan for healthy aging to become fit, strong and flexible. Promoting the prevention of disease and unhealthy aging, boost energy, toxic stress, sleep better and sharpen thinking, reduce the risk of cancer and the highs; such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and hypertension.

Wellness Coordinator
Health Coaching provided to improve healthy practices, lifestyle behavior change, improve overall health, forums on; healthy food choices, cooking demonstration, exercising, and other health centered activities toward adding more years to life.

HEALTH IS THE ANSWER inspires each individual to embrace a mission of valuing their life; spending quality time taking better care of their body; eating better, sleeping and resting more, taking time out to do the simple things in life, laugh more, hug more, and be closer to nature.

Health Education
• Eating healthy , choosing real food vs package foods or convenient foods
• Promoting fitness, better health, feeling good and living healthier
• How to prevent illness and disease and how to help our bodies repair
• Exercise choices; Walking; easier and most available exercise within , dancing; join a group or just dance
Physical Perfection
Reports to never being too old, to began your journey to reaching your physical perfection. Regardless of age or current fitness level you can always with the right exercise and nutritional programs you can achieve your fitness goals at any age. It has been shown both in research and practical experience that people can achieve very high levels of fitness and performance when they have a good exercise and nutritional program.

Kenny Bennett Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Physical Perfection, Incorporated
Oriental Medical Clinic
Treats arm & shoulder pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, headaches, sciatica pain, joint of knee and ankle pain, neck pain, sports injury, whiplash, allergies, colds, asthma, chronic cough, constipation, depression, diarrhea, fatigue, gastric upsets, headaches, hip pain, immune system deficiency, infertility(for both women and men), insomnia, premenstrual syndrome, sinus problems, Menopause syndrome. Women’s hair loss Oriental Medical Clinic is very proud of serving Montgomery County Community for over 15 years.

Yun T. Brown Ph.D, Acupunturist
Oriental Medical Clinic

Wellness Journal second edition

Robin Willis has provided us with a Wellness Journal to organize and document your health information, it is a health record keeper for you and your family as a tool for support and empowerment.

The Wellness Journal was created in thought during my mothers’ long illness with ovarian cancer. Our family needed a place to organize, document and express our emotions during the recovery, healing and discovery journey of our mother. Years later, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease which further led the journey to begin writing the Wellness Journal. I needed a place to organize, document and report my emotions while on my recovery and healing path. Medical exams, blood tests, and other vital health information are of vital importance and needed to be documented. Whenfaced with a medical challenge the need to be stress free is of a high importance and I found being organized with your medical information can provide a safety net for you and your family.

The Wellness Journal can serve as an active Journal that can assist as a tool to log health information and assist in creating and organizing your life. It is filled with statements of hopes, inspiration and empowering words. The Wellness Journal is a health record keeper and organizer for you and your family.

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Health is the answer, is a community based health educational and informational business that focuses on healthier lifestyle and a healthier attitude. The mission of Health is the answer is the emphasis on creating in each individual a desire to be their healthiest during their lifetime.